Activities around of Katsika Kabana

There is a mass of things to do or not do, depending on you and your tastes.

Walking and bike riding

There are some wonderful walks in the surrounding mountains, whether you take a two hours walk to Old parithia for a delious lunch are a short wonder at dusk. The chpoise is huge and very varied .

Due to the hilly nature of the island cycling is probably best left to the very fit but mountain biking is a great way to explore and there are some lovely peaceful route. Bike hire is available in Kassiopi, 15 minutes away.

The Beaches

Only 15 minites drive will bring you to the beaches of Avalaki with it safe swimming a choice of excellent tavernas. The remoter and undeveloped beaches are slightly further away and 20 minutes drive will take you to the stunning nature reserve of Aigos Spiridon just behind the sea otter reserve. There are a huge choice of beaches not too far away. The choice is yours!

WIld Flowers

Corfu is very well known for its amazing wild flowers and many of these grown on the surrounding land. Whether you are an expert or just love the sight of a mass of colour growing on the road side spring and Autumn is the time to visit.


There are some wonderful and differant birds in the area including the European Scops Owl and some unusual raptors and a variety of smaller and interesting birds.


Corfu has a really fasinating history and the whole island is covered with buildings from it past. The town of Corfu is delight to explore on foot, but even in the mountains restored ruins and an interesting history abounds.

Boat Hire

You can hire anything from a putput boat to go to a small beach or a ahuge luxury serviced yacht or anything in between. Please ask us for advise.


Corfu is an artists haven so do bring your paints.


If you are a serious writer Kasika Kabana is the perfec,t peaceful place to write from.


The villa has a variety of games including Scrabble, Monopoly, Jenga and others.



TAVERNS & Restaurants nearby

New Safari Drive Land Rover

Local & good value

Great local cusine is available with local specialities

Walking to Old Perithiat with lunch in the taverna

Our two favourit local restaurants
  • Panorama Grill
  • Tavernaki
  • Rumeli